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Eagle Creek Equestrian Center
Overnight Camp Info/Schedule

Visit our Forms page to fill out a camp registration form and register today while there are still openings! 

Camp times are 8:00am Monday - 6:00 pm Saturday.

Cost is $500 per week for regular registration.

Campers signed up by April 15, 2003 will receive a $50 discount per week.

Campers who have their own horses may bring them for an additional stall fee of $100 for the week.

Payment is due at time of registration.  Because of the limited spacing, your spot is not secured until the fee is received by Eagle Creek.  And the fee is nonrefundable unless management is unable to fulfill its obligations through the camp. 

Campers who sign up for both weeks will have different assignments for the second week.

There will be a maximum of two riders per horse each week.

Students may purchase an "Eagle Creek Equestrian Center Summer with the Horses" T-shirt with their picture on the front.  Check with management for details.

All Students who come all six days will receive a horsemanship certificate.

Campers must have their own riding helmet, riding boots, and grooming kit.  See management about purchasing these.  For campers who will not continue lessons or who do not have their own horse, management may buy these items back for a reduced price at the end of camp. 

Campers need to bring:

*riding helmet

*riding boots

*grooming kit - curry comb, body brush, main/tail comb, hoof pick, sponge

*riding shirts - 2

*riding pants - 2 pair (jeans, leggings, or breeches)

*shorts - 5 pair

*shirts - 5

*regular pants - 2 pair

*tennis shoes - 1 pair



*bug repellant

*toiletries - toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, etc.



***first aid kit - must contain any and all medications your child can take and/or has to take with the correct dosages and times written on each.  Your child will not be given any medications unless they are contained in your child's first aid kit.

Eagle Creek Equestrian Center reserves the right to take whatever medical action is deemed necessary in the case of an accident/emergency. 

All items need to be in some type of suitcase or bag that zips.  Each item should be marked with your child's name on it.

Eagle Creek Equestrian Center does not accept any responsibility for lost/misplaced items.

Campers will be expected to follow all barn/camp rules.  Those who choose to do otherwise may be expelled for the remainder of the week.

If your child will be attending camp, please go over the following rules with him/her and make sure they understand the consequences of disobeying.



1.  No running/playing in the barns and/or near the horses.

2.  Keep all doors and gates closed.

3.  Always put everything back where you got it from.

4.  Only use tack, grooming supplies, etc. that belong to the stable or yourself.  We have boarders on the property and their equipment is not for us to use.

5.  Make sure you clean up after your self and the horses.

6.  Never walk behind a horse you do not know.

7.  Do not feed horses anything without permission from camp directors/counselors.

8.  Horses are not to be tied by their reins.

9.  Saddled horses should never be left unattended.

10.  Rude behavior will not be accepted.

11.  No one should enter the house without permission from a camp director/counselor.

12.  When in the house, rooms with closed doors are off limits.

13.  Campers should be with a camp director/counselor at all times, or let a camp director/counselor know where to find them.

14.  Campers are responsible for cleaning up after themselves in the house as well.

15.  Follow all directions given by camp directors/counselors.


   7:00 - 7:30  Wake up, shower, clean room
   7:30 - 8:00  BREAKFAST
   8:00 - 9:00  Feed and care for all animals, clean: stalls, feed buckets, water buckets, 
                      tackroom, bathroom, etc.
   9:00-10:30  Clinics
 10:30-11:00  Catch, groom, tackup
 11:00-12:00  Riding
 12:00-12:30  Untack, put horses in stalls with hay and water
 12:30- 1:30  LUNCH
   1:30- 2:00  Video, free time, or game
   2:00- 3:00  Ground training
   3:00- 3:30  Groom, tackup
   3:30- 4:30  Riding 
   4:30- 5:00 Untack, put in stalls with hay and water
   5:00- 6:00  Free time
   6:00- 7:00  SUPPER
   7:00- 8:00  Dog training
   8:00- 8:30  Groom, tack up
   8:30- 9:30  Riding
   9:30-10:00 Untack, groom, put horses out for night
 10:00-11:00 Social Time (cookout, movie, stories, etc.)
       11:00     LIGHTS  OUT
Wednesday from 12:30 - 3:30 we will go on a field trip to Horsetown, which is located in Locust Grove and takes about 20 minutes to get to.  It is a department store for horses and horse people.  If you want to send some money for your child to spend you may.  We will eat at a fastfood place on the way, so they will need a few bucks ($5.00) to buy lunch with.
Monday:         A-parts of the horse/horse terms
                         B-everyday do's and don'ts, vet care, farrier care
Tuesday:        A-first aid for horse and rider
                         B-breeds, colors, markings
Wednesday:  A-parts of the saddle, cleaning saddles
                         B-parts of the bridle, cleaning bridles
Thursday:      A-riding disciplines, show grooming
Friday:            Review of all info covered this week
Dog Training
Monday:         getting your dog's attention, sit, down, heel
Tuesday:         stay, downstay, get in/out, leave it
Wednesday:   come, speak, no bark
Thursday:       obstacles - jumps, table, seesaw
Friday:             practice all commands
Saturday:        demonstration

Eagle Creek Equestrian Center * 408 Ellis Dairy Road * Griffin, GA 30224