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I am very pleased that a few photos actually turned out and show some of the fieldmarks.  The first photo should be the top of the Golden Eagle caught as it was turning.  In all the photos note the long wings and the way the wings were held.
1 st photo:  Note the silhouette - distinctive to Golden Eagles
2nd photo:  Note the white in the tail
3rd photo:  Note the white in the wing
Eric Beohm

This should be the top of the wings, so no white showing on top.

Bird flapping and some white can be seen in tail.

White can be seen on the left wing at the base of the primaries.

I saw a GOLDEN EAGLE in Henry County on 2/1/05.  The bird was an apparent immature plumaged bird.  I noted the white patches on the underside of the inner primaries and some white in the tail.  I took a few distant photos of the bird.  I know that a number of veteran birders still need this bird for their GA list, so I wanted to get the word out.


At exactly 5pm, I saw the bird while I was driving south down I-75 between exit 218 and exit 216.  I first saw it about a mile away and thought it was a Golden by its silhouette and size.  It then flew over the interstate (heading east) and over my car.  The bird was about 150 feet above the ground.  The powerful flight, shape, feathered head held low, dark-brown plumage with white wing patches, small bill, dihedral wings, and overall jizz proved that the bird was indeed a Golden Eagle.


Despite the heavy traffic, I pulled onto exit 216 and drove east on Hwy 155 for about a mile and then took a left on Henry Parkway which dead ended after a mile or two.  I relocated the eagle in this area at 5:08pm.  It was circling about a quarter of mile to the east.  I used my little digital camera to take a few shots.  It continued to circle, but I lost sight of it at 5:10pm.  Traffic was so bad that I couldn’t continue to chase it.  This area is just east of the Cotton Fields Golf Club and Green Valley Golf Course which is located just east of the interstate.  (Henry county is south of Atlanta and borders Clayton and Spalding County.)      


This is the third Golden Eagle I’ve seen this fall/winter.  The first was an adult plumaged bird seen in Fulton County in November , the second was an adult plumaged bird in Spalding County near my house in November, and this one.