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Yellow-billed Loons
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Thayer's Gull - more photos
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Lesser Black-backed Gulls (Inland)
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Audubon's Warbler
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Yellow-bellied Flycatchers
Least Flycatchers
Olive-sided Flycatcher
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
Western Kingbird
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Common Ground-doves in Piedmont
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Wilson's Phalarope
Long-billed Curlews
Willets (Inland)
American Avocets (Inland)
Baird's Sandpiper
Buff-breasted Sandpipers
Upland Sandpipers 52 seen
American Golden Plover
Anhingas in Piedmont
Anhingas Nesting in Piedmont
Roseate Spoonbill in Piedmont
Wood Storks in Piedmont
Night-Herons in Piedmont
Herons, Egrets, Ibises
Plegadis Ibis (Inland)
White Ibis (Piedmont in Winter)
Swainson's Hawk
Red-tailed Hawk (Western)
Golden Eagle
Swallow-tailed Kites in Piedmont
Pelagic Birds
Cedar Waxwings Nesting in Southern Piedmont
31 Species of Warbler in 1 Day
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to Georgia Birding and Nature


This site is basically devoted to the birds discovered in Georgia by Eric Beohm & Michael Beohm.
It's a pleasure to share the joy of birding with others who also have an appreciation for nature's wonders.  Georgia offers quite a stage for this endeavor from mountains majesty to pristine barrier islands.
This site is different from other sites in that I focus on birds that I actually find, not ones that I relocate or photos that people send me. 
Highlights include some of the rarest birds ever documented in GA, such as Scott's Oriole and Yellow-billed Loon.  Many birds listed as accidental for the area or time of sighting are also included.
I actually don't do much birding anymore compared to some people, but I try to get out at least once a month.  Most of the photos on this site reflect about a three year period after finally buying a small camera and when I was able to get out once or twice a week. 
Michael is mainly handling Butterflies and Moths.  Michael Beohm is a pioneer as a student of nature;  finding and documenting wildlife all by himself.  I've never met anyone else with such talent and insight.
Since I bought my $200 camera, I've had the pleasure of sharing my sightings.  I've found that there are a lot of great people out there who actually enjoy birds, not just the tick on a list.  Many of them have awesome sightings but rarely report what they see.  It's so interesting to hear their observations from places in GA that we don't even realize exist.  I hope that I too can contribute a small amount to further the understanding and joy of birding in Georgia.
Eric Beohm


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I finally got a camera the other day and thought I might post some of the birds I've found recently.  The inexpensive camera definitely has serious limitations, but a few shots seem to turn out ok.  I have found ducks to be the easiest to photograph and most everything else has been almost impossible, so far.
I have used a video camera in the past and have been able to document a handful of rarities with it.  Most rare birds though are difficult to find, photograph, and relocate unless you're birding in an area that has many birdwatchers.  Many of which know each other, know the area, know the secret spots of that area, etc.
I assume the day is coming soon when technology will allow birdwatchers to finally be able to capture on film what they see with their binoculars.  Until then, the beautiful curves of a bird will continue to be reduced to a grainy, pixelated blob.  

Eric Beohm
Nov, 2003

GA's first Meadow Fritillary found by Michael Beohm 4/6/06 in Rabun Co.

Gopher Tortoise (Early County, 7-11-05)

Alder Flycatcher

Sooty Tern (1 of 43 we found inland on 7/11/05)

There have been some very rare birds that I have been blessed to discover in Georgia.  Some were found while birding together with Michael Beohm.  They were really fun to see, however, at the time I did not have or own a camera.  Fortunately, some of them were confirmed by at least one competent observer.  Some of them include:
Fork-tailed Flycatcher

Cassin's Kingbird

Couch's/Tropical Kingbird
Western Grebe
Golden-crowned Sparrow
Swainson's Hawk

Prairie Falcon
Inca Dove

California Gull
Yellow-legged Gull
Kelp Gull
Green Violet-ear
These are some of the rarer ones.  It's amazing what is out there if we just take the time to look.  Though I spend very little time birding now, I find just looking out my window or driving to work to be a satisfying way to see birds.

Whewww...wa-a-a-ay too close!

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos!
Georgia Birding & Nature by Eric Beohm

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