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I found this Anhinga,  07/19/2006,  at the Georgia International Horsepark (Big Haynes Creek Nature Center) in Conyers, GA (Rockdale County, east of mid-Atlanta).  This is much farther north than the typical listed range for this species.

Update:  Anhinga has continued to be seen in successive years.
Eric Beohm




I checked the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers (just north of I-20, Rockdale County, Piedmont Region of GA) today, 07/19/06.  The best bird was an Anhinga on the eastern side at the Big Haynes Creek Nature Center portion of the park.  I noticed that project coordinators have built a couple small dock-like wooden, viewing structures there.  This is a nice upgrade to the place by people who really seem to care.  I eventually ran into some of them and showed them the Anhinga and such. 
I also ran into Darlene Moore, and we were able to get closer to the Anhinga.  It finally flew in close for a photo opp.
Anhinga (1)
Common Moorhen (at least one)
Little Blue Heron (2)
Scarlet Tanager (1)
Interestingly, the ACOGB (2003) lists the occurance of Common Moorhen in GA as "Common permanent resident breeding throughout Coast and Coastal Plain; rare in migration and in winter north of Fall Line."  So, it would seem that sightings of Moorhens in the Piedmont would be considered noteworthy.
Eric Beohm


Found four Anhingas in Monroe County (piedmont region of GA) at Rum Creek WMA - Eric Beohm.

First one.

Two more nearby.

Fourth one.


Anhinga in southern Piedmont at Big Lazar Creek (Talbot Co), July 2006, by Michael Beohm.



Anhinga - Spalding/Lamar County line, 05/23/2015.  Considered quite rare for the Piedmont region of GA.



Anhinga (2) - Lake Hartwell 08/07/2015.  Very unusual for Northeast GA.  This one flew as I approached.  Both were near each other.  On private property.