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Lake Seminole, GA, is a great haul but the payoff can be worth the time and effort.  I've hit it a number of times.
My favorite discoveries have been:
Green Violet-ear Hummingbird
Black-throated Gray Warbler
Red-necked Grebe (twice)
Magnificent Frigatebirds
Parasitic Jaeger
Bridled Tern
Below highlights a great day:
Lake Seminole, GA, 8/31/2005.

Magnificent Frigatebird

Magnificent Frigatebird

Magnificent Frigatebird

Sandwich Tern

Caspian Tern

Mute Swan


I surprised myself and found a little time to look for inland goodies that
Hurricane Katrina might have blown our way. I picked up Michael Beohm and
Richard Beohm; then made the long drive to Lake Seminole. We had enough time to scan the lake for a few hours. Though how efficiently I’m not sure, since we
all had to share my scope. Here are the highlights of the Georgia birds we
found at Lake Seminole:

Since I own the “Annotated Checklist of Georgia Birds” 2003 edition, I checked it to see the status of the birds that we found.  I included the information in brackets for people who do not have the checklist. 



Magnificent Frigatebird (1 adult female) [Accidental inland, about 6 records]

Sandwich Tern (3) [Accidental inland, one record/report of 2 birds in 1989]

Bridled Tern (1, yes!) [Accidental inland, one record/report of one in 1998]

Sooty Tern (1) [Accidental inland]

Least Tern (1) [Rare inland]

Caspian Tern (4) [Rare inland]

Common Tern (14)

Forster’s Tern (30+)

Black Tern (150+) [Listed inland high count of 51 in 1964]

Laughing Gull (82) [Listed inland high count of 31 in 1967; rare inland]

Sanderling (10)

Mute Swan (1, cool!)
Boat-tailed Grackle (9, Great for this location; unrecorded in this area of Georgia)
Lesser Scaup (1 rare inland in summer)


While driving through Baker County, we noticed some ponds with Wood Storks. We stopped and checked the place out and found:

Baird’s Sandpiper (1)
Sanderling (2)
Laughing Gull (11)

Wood Stork (about 50)
Black Tern (about 50)
Barn Owl (1 near that

Eric Beohm