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Below are ones I found at Lake Hartwell, GA. Seven total seen that day (Feb 17, 2015). More photos of distant ones. I have found record numbers at this location over the years. I typically report at least one starting in November. I have noticed their numbers typically swell as the winter goes on. Oddly, I am basically the only one reporting these (though some have been relocated by other birders), so I am glad to get photos when I can. - Eric Beohm







Three Red-throated Loons at West Point Lake on March 5, 2007.
Michael and I had already found two there towards the start of the winter, and they have hung out for a while, but three at one location inland is quite a treat.
Red-throated Loons are notoriously hard to photo.








Here are some Red-throated Loons that Michael and I have found inland recently. 
They are considered rare to very rare inland.  I assume many are overlooked though considering that I've had ten or more sightings in the last year, and Michael has found some also.
(They are uncommon on the coast with Tybee Island being the most reliable place to spot one.)   -  Eric Beohm

Red-throated Loon at Lake Juliette found by Michael Beohm.

I found two RT Loons at WP Lake 11/06/06. This is the first one.


This is the second one.

We found another RED-THROATED LOON at West Point Lake 12-14-05.
This one was a juvenile plumaged bird.
Last week we found an adult.
Eric Beohm

We found a different one on 12/14/06.




Red-throated Loon Dec 7, 2005



Michael Beohm and I made a quick check of West Point Lake Dam today.  It appears more birds have moved in since we (and others) checked it last week.
Red-throated Loon (1)
White-winged Scoter (1)
American White Pelican (5 flying in the distance)
Common Goldeneye (10)
Canvasback (1)
Greater Scaup (22)
Red-breasted Merganser (11)
Northern Pintail (1)
American Wigeon (4)
Also of note:
Rusty Blackbirds
Bonaparte's Gull (24)
Forster's Terns (9)
Horned Grebes (20+)
15 species of duck
Eric Beohm

I think this was at the Yellow Dirt Reservoir (piedmont). I'll have to verify the date.